Practical WordPress tutorials for developers and designers

These tutorials are easy to use if you just want to copy-and-paste them into your site. They’re also a fun way to learn how WordPress works, or teach yourself PHP and JavaScript.


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WooCommerce shipping methods as a drop-down list tutorial

WooCommerce Shipping Methods as a Dropdown List

Convert the WooCommerce checkout shipping methods to a drop-down list, or pill-style buttons. It’s copy-and-paste code and you can customise it for your store’s specific needs.

Scrolling text marquee WordPress tutorial

Smooth Scrolling Marquee Text Banner

Create a scrolling text marquee banner, like a news-ticker, for your WordPress site with this copy-and-paste tutorial. Supports scrolling to the right for Arabic languages. No plugins required.

Text Reveal animation tutorial for WordPress

Animated Text-Reveal Effect

Learn how to create an animated text-reveal effect for your WordPress projects. A fun copy-and-paste JavaScript tutorial.

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Animated Typewriter Effect

Learn how to create a custom WordPress animated typewriter effect. Add it to hero sections or use it anywhere in your posts and pages. Some fun, lightweight bling.

Google Maps Without a Plug-in

Learn how to add Google Maps to your WordPress website without installing yet another plugin. We’ll create a custom shortcode that can be used multiple times on any post/page, and it’ll support multiple markers & popup info windows, with fully customisable HTML.

Checkout Address Autocomplete

Create an address search box with auto-complete for your WooCommerce checkout page. Your customers can search for their billing address by querying the Google Places API. Quite cool.

Masonry Gallery Tutorial

This copy-and-paste tutorial shows how to convert the standard WordPress Gallery Block into a responsive masonry gallery with a full-screen pop-up light box. Just add a single CSS class to any Gallery block to turn it into a masonry gallery, without installing a plug-in.

Disable WordPress REST API

This neat little tutorial helps you block the WordPress API for non-logged-in users. It also blocks user enumeration attacks. Copy and paste into your child theme. No plugin required.

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