Practical WordPress tutorials for developers and designers

These tutorials are easy to use if you just want to copy-and-paste them into your site. They’re also a fun way to learn how WordPress works, or teach yourself PHP and JavaScript.


Latest WordPress Tutorials

Animated gallery block tutorial

Animated WordPress Gallery Links

Turn the regular WordPress gallery block into a series of CSS-animated link-tiles. It’s a fun way to add bling to your site without slowing down the page-load. We’ll set it up so all we need to do is add the “animated-gallery-links” class to any gallery block we want to animate.

Rate-limit WordPress api calls

Rate-Limit Incoming WordPress API Calls

Create a custom plugin to control how hard your WordPress API gets hit by external clients. Useful if an external client is making too many API calls to your site, and you want to force them to slow down a bit. Retake control of your site’s bandwidth and CPU usage.

Inject variation price into the add-to-cart button

Insert Product Price into the Add-to-Cart Button

Insert the selected variation’s price into the add-to-cart button on the WooCommerce single product page with this JavaScript snippet.

Featured WordPress Tutorials



Animated Typewriter Effect

Learn how to create a custom WordPress animated typewriter effect. Add it to hero sections or use it anywhere in your posts and pages. Some fun, lightweight bling.

Product Gallery Images as a Grid

Change the WooCommerce single product image gallery into a grid layout, where the featured image and gallery thumbnails are all the same size.

Google Maps Without a Plug-in

Learn how to add Google Maps to your WordPress website without installing yet another plugin. We’ll create a custom shortcode that can be used multiple times on any post/page, and it’ll support multiple markers & popup info windows, with fully customisable HTML.

Checkout Address Autocomplete

Create an address search box with auto-complete for your WooCommerce checkout page. Your customers can search for their billing address by querying the Google Places API. Quite cool.

Enforce Strong Passwords

Force users to use strong passwords against their accounts, without installing a big “security plugin”. The tutorial covers how to check if a password is strong, and also how to actually generate a strong password.

Flipsum Ipsum

Ipsum Text Generator

Loads of ipsum text generators for generating placeholder copy to use in your projects. My favourite is the Jabberwocky ipsum… What’s yours?

Masonry Gallery Tutorial

This copy-and-paste tutorial shows how to convert the standard WordPress Gallery Block into a responsive masonry gallery with a full-screen pop-up light box. Just add a single CSS class to any Gallery block to turn it into a masonry gallery, without installing a plug-in.

Disable WordPress REST API

This neat little tutorial helps you block the WordPress API for non-logged-in users. It also blocks user enumeration attacks. Copy and paste into your child theme. No plugin required.