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Animated placeholder text reveal tutorial

Animate Search and Text Placeholders

Add text-reveal animations to input, search and text area placeholders on your WordPress site with this short copy-and-paste tutorial. It’s a neat UX enhancement for pages where you want to draw the user’s attention to an input box.

Share draft post link tutorial

Share Link to a Draft Post in WordPress

Learn how to create sharing links for Draft Posts in WordPress with some simple PHP code. These links can be used to share draft content with non-logged-in users. We’ll make a small meta box on the Edit Post page too, so it’s super easy to copy the draft post link.

Taxonomy term list shortcode tutorial

Display Taxonomy Terms in an Indexed List

List taxonomy terms in the style of an index, with permalinks to each of the terms. It’s a customisable and easy-to-use shortcode. Handy for use in sidebars, or as part of a dedicated index page.

Animated gallery block tutorial

Animated WordPress Gallery Links

Turn the regular WordPress gallery block into a series of CSS-animated link-tiles. It’s a fun way to add bling to your site without slowing down the page-load. We’ll set it up so all we need to do is add the “animated-gallery-links” class to any gallery block we want to animate.

Rate-limit WordPress api calls

Rate-Limit Incoming WordPress API Calls

Create a custom plugin to control how hard your WordPress API gets hit by external clients. Useful if an external client is making too many API calls to your site, and you want to force them to slow down a bit. Retake control of your site’s bandwidth and CPU usage.

JavaScript click-to-copy tutorial

Reusable JavaScript Click-to-Copy

Add click-to-copy JavaScript functionality to any WordPress site. Use it with any element (or WordPress block) just by setting a CSS class name. It’s ultra-lightweight and should work with page builders too.

WordPress accordion tutorial

Create a WordPress Accordion without a Plugin

Learn how to create a lightweight JavaScript accordion for WordPress blocks without installing a plugin. It’s an easy-to-follow tutorial and the code can be customised to fit into your projects.

Single product image grid tutorial for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Single Product Image Gallery Grid

Change the WooCommerce single product image gallery into a grid layout, where the featured image and gallery thumbnails all the same size. For variable products, the top-left image is dynamic… so it shows the image of the selected product variation.

Custom WooCommerce admin column tutorial

Add a products column to the WooCommerce admin orders page

Create a new column on the WooCommerce admin orders page so you can see the products in each order. We’ll hook a WordPress filter to modify the list of columns available to the admin orders table. Then we’ll hook an action so we can render the contents of the column on a per-order basis.

WooCommerce custom registration fields

Separate WooCommerce login and registration forms

Learn how to split the WooCommerce login and registration forms into two separate URLs without using a plugin. We’ll also make it easy to add custom fields to the registration form, so you can capture things like billing address when new users/customers register.

Add share to social links to WordPress posts

Add Share-to-Social Links to WordPress Posts

Add share-to-social network links to any WordPress content without installing a plugin. We’ll use some simple PHP to hook the content and inject the links & icons. It’s easy to customise and to add more networks of your own.