Copy-and-paste JavaScript animations, effects and toys to use in your WordPress projects. A mixture of jQuery and native JavaScript.

Animated placeholder text reveal tutorial

Animate Search and Text Placeholders

Add text-reveal animations to input, search and text area placeholders on your WordPress site with this short copy-and-paste tutorial. It’s a neat UX enhancement for pages where you want to draw the user’s attention to an input box.

Animated gallery block tutorial

Animated WordPress Gallery Links

Turn the regular WordPress gallery block into a series of CSS-animated link-tiles. It’s a fun way to add bling to your site without slowing down the page-load. We’ll set it up so all we need to do is add the “animated-gallery-links” class to any gallery block we want to animate.

WordPress accordion tutorial

Create a WordPress Accordion without a Plugin

Learn how to create a lightweight JavaScript accordion for WordPress blocks without installing a plugin. It’s an easy-to-follow tutorial and the code can be customised to fit into your projects.

Scrolling text marquee WordPress tutorial

Smooth Scrolling Marquee Text Banner

Create a scrolling text marquee banner, like a news-ticker, for your WordPress site with this copy-and-paste tutorial. Supports scrolling to the right for Arabic languages. No plugins required.

Before and After Image Tutorial

Before and After Image Slider

Learn how to use the Cocoen JavaScript module to create before-and-after image sliders in WordPress. We’ll use the built-in WordPress Gallery Block to make it easy to layout the images.

Parallax scrolling effect tutorial

Parallax Image Scrolling Effect

This lightweight copy-and-paste tutorial show you how to create a parallax image scrolling effect in WordPress, without installing a plugin. Suitable for beginners and developers.