Learn how to create WordPress shortcodes to add functionality to your website projects.

Taxonomy term list shortcode tutorial

Display Taxonomy Terms in an Indexed List

List taxonomy terms in the style of an index, with permalinks to each of the terms. It’s a customisable and easy-to-use shortcode. Handy for use in sidebars, or as part of a dedicated index page.

Product Attribute Icons Tutorial

Product Attribute Icons for WooCommerce

Create a strip of product attribute icons and HTML snippets for the WooCommerce single product page. It’s a straightforward copy-and-paste tutorial that’s fully customisable with snippet files and filters, so you can use the same code in multiple projects.

Google maps wordpress shortcode tutorial

WordPress Google Maps Tutorial

In this tutorial, learn how to add Google Maps to your WordPress website without using a plugin. We’ll create a custom shortcode that can be used multiple times on any post/page, and it’ll support multiple markers & popup info windows, with fully customisable HTML.

Keycap tutorial

WordPress Keycaps Shortcode

Learn how to create a neat little shortcode so you can add keycaps into your WordPress posts. The tutorial is super easy to code, and simple to extend.