User Experience

JavaScript click-to-copy tutorial

Reusable JavaScript Click-to-Copy

Add click-to-copy JavaScript functionality to any WordPress site. Use it with any element (or WordPress block) just by setting a CSS class name. It’s ultra-lightweight and should work with page builders too.

WordPress accordion tutorial

Create a WordPress Accordion without a Plugin

Learn how to create a lightweight JavaScript accordion for WordPress blocks without installing a plugin. It’s an easy-to-follow tutorial and the code can be customised to fit into your projects.

Single product image grid tutorial for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Single Product Image Gallery Grid

Change the WooCommerce single product image gallery into a grid layout, where the featured image and gallery thumbnails all the same size. For variable products, the top-left image is dynamic… so it shows the image of the selected product variation.

Add share to social links to WordPress posts

Add Share-to-Social Links to WordPress Posts

Add share-to-social network links to any WordPress content without installing a plugin. We’ll use some simple PHP to hook the content and inject the links & icons. It’s easy to customise and to add more networks of your own.

Upvote Posts in WordPress Tutorial

Upvote and Downvote WordPress Posts

In this tutorial we’ll build upvote and downvote buttons that can be added to any post or excerpt. We’ll start with a requirement specification, break down the components we need, and then code it.